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PEOPLE THAT INSPIRE US: Madelon van de Ven, Founder of PLNTY

Madelon van de Ven, Founder of PLNTY Living in an urban city, can never get enough greenery or time in nature. Spending most of our days indoors, and in and out of office buildings, we subconsciously crave to be closer to the plant world. We are inspired by Madelon’s vision in revolutionising our relationship with plants, and bringing life into our busy lifestyles. Read more about how she stays motivated and the meaning behind her work on our blog. What’s your story and inspiration behind PLNTY?  I’ve always appreciated the beauty of plants, but only learned the science and benefits plants have on our health until later. Plants purify the air, reduces noise, helps us focus better, reduces stress, makes us...

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People That Inspire Us: Valerie Chiu, Founder of Cocoparadise

This week we got to meet Valerie from Cocoparadise. Valerie has transformed healthy snacking in Hong Kong, offering guilt-free treats that are grain-free, refined sugar free and dairy free made, all made with coconuts! Not only has her treats encouraged us to live healthier, but her vision as an entrepreneur and passion for achieving her dreams has inspired us be persistent when overcoming challenges and to always have a grateful heart. 1. What made you start Cocoparadise?I started because of my own health issues of being too overweight and having fatty liver because of my bad eating and living habits. After gaining more awareness and growing to learn more about the benefits of whole foods I fell in love with creating...

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People That Inspire Us: Tegan Smyth, Founder of Grassroots Future

This week we got to meet with Tegan from Grassroots Future. Tegan has dedicated her career in supporting refugees and asylum seekers in the city through educational, wellbeing and community outreach programmes by connecting our community with food and cultural experiences. Tegan has inspired us to engage with people on a deeper level and to support and embrace our differences with an open heart. 1. What inspired you to start Grassroots Future?Grassroots Future was started as a response to the lack of capacity building and resources among refugee-led initiatives in Hong Kong. We run educational, well-being and community outreach programs in partnership with refugee-led organizations such as Refugee Union (Hong Kong’s first and only refugee-led society). We received our charity status last year...

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