Tea Ceremony Experience - Launching Soon
Tea Ceremony Experience - Launching Soon
Tea Ceremony Experience - Launching Soon

Tea Ceremony Experience - Launching Soon

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About this class

The Tea Ceremony Experience class is for tea enthusiasts looking to understand the art and ritual of brewing tea at home, or tea masters looking to connect with each other to share the knowledge and expertise behind their practice. .

Tea culture has been around for centuries, with many variations around the world. In the East, making and drinking tea is seen as a ritual for people to express a sense of harmony, wellbeing and respect.In this class, we will share our take on tea making, how grounding and soothing a tea ritual can be when done mindfully. 

What you’ll learn

In this one-hour class, we’ll explain how different teas are grown, harvested and processed.  What to pay attention to r when tasting teas, and the art of sourcing the right kind of tea leaves for different occasions, purposes and benefits. 

We’ll talk about how we assess a brew and find accurate flavour descriptors for our tea, and you’ll learn how to fine-tune blends and temperatures to make your tea taste just the way you like it.

What to expect on the day

This fun, the hands-on class has a maximum of six participants. We’ll spend most of the session brewing tea, and there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion of tips and tricks for tea brewing.

You can drink as much tea or coffee as you like during the class, and we’ll send you home with a bag of The Porter beans and a copy of our brew guide.


Experience Bar - The Porter, 18 Westlands Rd, Quarry Bay, One Island East, Taikoo Place 

1 hour

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