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TIMEMORE Brewing Scale - White - Made By Ethereal
TIMEMORE Brewing Scale - White - Made By Ethereal

TIMEMORE Brewing Scale - White

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'Order and simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a subject.' Thomas Mann

When brewing coffee, we recommend you use a scale to make the process as measurable and consistent as possible. You can create your brewing recipe, document and can make the changes as you need - example. less coffee, more water. 

Highly precise sensor to insure accuracy, Accuracy of 0.1g for reliable data.


Max: 2kg

Technical details


Plastic and Silicone 







Care instructions

  • The use of fast charging function power supply,
  • It is recommended to charge it with a 5V 1A-2A adapter
  • Place it on a horizontal and smooth surface.
  • Do not use during charging.
  • This product is powered by a lithium battery. DO NOT charge after its power is used up. It’ s recommended to charge it in time after you use it.
  • If the battery is used up, there will be 10 min protection time during which you are not able to start it.
  • When timing is off, it will standby 3 min then shut down automatically.
  • When timing is on but there is no change of weight, it will shut down in 15 min.
  • The surface of scale is waterproof. But DO NOT make liquid enter the gap between shells and charging port.
  • The internal structure of the equipment is precise and it’ s prohibited to uninstall it.
  • It’ s 1 year warranty except private uninstallation or human damage.
  • It’ s an accessory for coffee brewing. DO NOT use it for trade settlement and other occasions.