About Us

Who is the Porter?

noun: porter; plural noun: porters

an employee in charge of the entrance of a hotel, block of flats, college, or other large building.

The Porter provides hospitality facilities, and concierge services to create positive, well-serviced offices and workplace environments.

For the Landlord, we activate under-utilised space into productive areas that provides greater quality amenities for your tenants, leading to higher lease velocity and building valuations.

For the Tenant, we provides high-quality, relaxed environments for executives to meet, network and exchange ideas, in sync with today’s modern business practices.

Concierge by The Porter

The Meet and Greet hospitality that set a welcoming tone at the building foyer space. The Porter greets, makes you a coffee and helps you on your way. A seamless and holistic experience that elevates the entry of the building.

Waiting Room by The Porter

The Waiting Room is designed as an accessible lounge where you can open a laptop, have a quick meeting or escape with the newspaper or journal over a cup of coffee.  A casual yet exclusive space for you to just have a moment by yourself or meet with a client that is a little more formal than a cafe.