Sustainability Commitment

At The Porter we focus on three key pillars: Sustainable sourcing and design, waste reduction and supporting our people and community through environmental and societal initiatives. We collaborate with partners and small businesses that share the same values to achieve our goals of growth while positively impacting the community and environment around us. 

Sustainable Sourcing & Design
We work with partners and vendors to find the best solutions when it comes to sourcing. Everything from our food and beverage offerings, packaging, to designing our stores is mindfully considered. Working with vendors to source our produce and ingredients locally whenever possible, ensuring that we reduce food miles and carbon footprint is a part of our daily practice.

Our Porter locations are built with natural materials, featuring a timeless design that would not require frequent refurbishments. Every area and aspect are carefully designed and thought out to optimise efficiency while brining an organic ambience to guests and staff to feel at ease.

Waste Reduction
Our team is also committed to reducing single use plastics and eliminating unnecessary packaging as a part of our ongoing environmental efforts for a greener planet. Preventing and reducing food waste as much as possible by donating leftovers to those in need while implementing a digital system to best manage our inventory.

Our People & Community
At The Porter, we strive to connect with our guests through exceptional coffee and
meaningful conversations. Bridging the gap between corporations and our community by engaging in genuine encounters through initiatives that raise environmental awareness and support our society.

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