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Sonic Seasoning Theory Experience - Launching Soon

Experience the impact on sound has on our taste

About this experience

About this class

Does music make food and drinks taste better? Engross in a multi-sensory experience of flavour and sound, together with Devialet, a leading French audio speaker brand, we explore Sonic Seasoning Theory -  using different sound frequencies to manipulate and enhance your palette.

What you’ll learn/experience 

Engage with all your senses to discover how different sound frequencies can influence your flavour palette. All your senses are intertwined, the tiniest elevation in sound, the temperature of coffee can impact our experiences, making each one different and memorable. Through Sonic Seasoning, lifestyle connoisseurs can shape and personalise unique experiences. 

What to expect on the day

A 45-minute session, we commence with tasting coffees from around the world, taking you through a specially curated soundtrack, we discover how different tunes of high and low notes can manipulate your tastes buds. You will get to drink as much coffee as you like and take home a bag of our house blend coffee beans and brew guide.

Your Host

Host image

Jay Chow - renowned coffee professional. Jay working across Australia, and throughout Asia has built his reputation on being at the cutting edge of coffee.